About Me

About the Blog (and me)
I am a book lover and book collector.  I love to read anything and everything but I collect children books and YA books over any other genre.  I am currently working on finishing my collection of the following series. 

The Baby Sitters Club
Baby Sitters Little Sister
The Kids in Ms Colman's Class
California Diaries
The Saddle Club
Pony Tails
Pine Hollow
Pony Pals
Anastasia Krupnik
Short Stirrup Club
Grace Harlowe High School Series
Grace Harlowe College Series
Grace Harlowe Overland Riders Series
Sweet Valley Kids
Sweet Valley Twins
Sweet Valley Junior High
Sweet Valley High
Sweet Valley Senior Year
Sweet Valley University
The Unicorn Club
The Little Colonel
Chalet School.

I'm enjoying searching second hand stores and browsing online for new used books and finding out about series of books I'd never heard of. I hope to finish several of these series I've listed above in the next couple of years.  In between collecting books I love going to the library and borrowing as many books as possible and diving head first into all the wonderful stories.  I also read a lot of non-fiction. 

Please note that I am not selling any of my books from my collection.  If you're trying to complete your own collection of books I suggest you try your local second hand stores and stores such as Lifeline, Red Cross, Salvos and Vinnies. Ebay is also a good place to find affordable second hand books.  I personally use Better World Books and I highly recommend them.